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Here is a calculator for converting your beep test results to a VO2max score. There are quite a few formula available for making this conversion, this is just one example.

Enter your details, the level (stage) and the number of shuttles, and it will calculate the total distance run in meters (from the data table), estimated VO2max (using the formula of Léger et al. (1988) (see Scoring the beep test) and a fitness rating based on your sex (from the beep test rating table).

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Formula used for this Calculator

The last stage number is used to predict maximal oxygen uptake ( VO2max , from the speed (X, corresponding to that stage (speed = 8 + 0.5 x stage no.) and age (A, years):

VO2max ( = 31.025 + 3.238X - 3.248A + 0.1536AX

This formula is suitable for boys and girls aged 8-19 years. For adults, similar measurements indicated that the same equation could be used keeping age constant at 18.

reference: Léger, LA, Mercier, D., Gadoury, C., Lambert, J. The multistage 20 m shuttle run test for aerobic fitness. J. Sports Sci. 6: 93-101, 1988.


Here's another one, based only on the final running speed

reference: AD Flouris, GS Metsios, Y Koutedakis, (2005) Enhancing the efficacy of the 20 m multistage shuttle run test. Br J Sports Med 39: 166-170.


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