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Results Format

The results for the beep test is usaully given as the level and the number of shuttles. The score can also be presented as the time to exhaustion or the total distance covered. The scoring methods can be compared using the beep test table, for example, reaching the level 16 and then completing 3 x 20m runs at that level would be recorded as 16.3 or 16/3. This would also be 3200 meters, taking 15 minutes and 59.5 seconds.

Reliability of Scores

The reliability of the tests scores listed online may be questionable. It is not always clear what test version is being used, or how strictly the protocol has been enforced. The general procedure for conducting the beep test lists the warnings for the participants and how to conclude the test. Our protocol defines the final score as the level or total distance covered in the last complete successful shuttle, while it is clear that some protocols listed online base the score as the level that the athlete stops the test, which is sometimes after a couple of warnings and possibly a few extra shuttles.

What is a good result?

There are few reliable sources of men reaching level 17 on the beep test. Any score above 15 is considered excellent. For women, level 15 is the highest seen, and anything above level 14 is an excellent score. We have some norm tables so you can get a rating for results from the beep test. The Beep Test Calculator will also give a fitness rating.

Top 10 Male Performances

Here is a table of high beep test scores, mostly collated from online sources, to be taken with a grain of salt as many of these scores have not been verified. For the athletes scoring 17, there is no such score, it will be either 17/1 or 16/14.

rank score name sport
1 17/1 Jose Romero Australian Rules
=2 17 Sebastian Coe Athletics
=2 17 Lee Gong Dook Football (Soccer)
=2 17 Zain Wright Field Hockey
=2 17 Steve Nash Basketball
=2 17 Neil Back Rugby Union
=7 16/11 Dean Murphy Triathlon and Hockey
=7 16/11 Tim Deavin Field Hockey
=9 16/10 David Guest Field Hockey
=9 16/10 Matt Swann Field Hockey
=11 16/9 Christian Merup Ironman
=11 16/9 Daniel Jackson AFL
13 16/7 Tim Brown Football (Soccer)
=14 16/6 Billy Hartung AFL
=14 16/6 William Murphy AFL
=16 16/4 Scott Spriggs AFL
=16 16/4 Lachlan (Lachie) Whitfield AFL


  1. Jose Romero Australian Rules VFL/AFL player at North Melbourne (1988–1994) and Western Bulldogs (1995–2001)
  2. Sebastian Coe Athletics commonly reported result from this UK middle distance champion runner
  3. Lee Gong Dook Football (Soccer) Premier League player
  4. Zain Wright Field Hockey Tasmanian Kookaburras player, score confirmed by ex-player and by AIS staff member.
  5. Steve Nash Basketball NBA point guard, played with the Dallas Mavericks
  6. Neil Back Rugby Union Flanker Neil Back wrote in his autobiography that he reached level 17
  7. Dean Murphy Triathlon and Hockey An unconfirmed result sent by Luke Evans. Murphy was 17 years old. Apparently it can be verified by Australian hockey player Brent Livermore.
  8. Tim Deavin Field Hockey Achieved whilst performing a routine beep test with the Australian Kookaburras Hockey team in Perth Western Australia in 2014.
  9. David Guest Field Hockey Australian field hockey player, score confirmed by ex-player and by AIS staff member.
  10. Matt Swann Field Hockey Australian field hockey player, score confirmed by ex-player and by AIS staff member.

Top 10 Female Performances

There are not many results online for top female performances in the beep test. The following scores generally have not been verified, collected mostly from online newspaper articles and lists.

rank score name sport
=1 15/0 Suzie Muirhead Field Hockey
=1 15/0 Diana Weavers Field Hockey
3 14/5 Heather Anderson AFL
=4 14/0 Micaela Cocks Basketball
=4 14/0 Fiona Johnson Field Hockey
6 13/9 Ange Foley AFL
7 13/8 Monique Hollick AFL
8 13/0 Casey Stoney Football (Soccer)
9 12/6 Felicity Maltby Tennis


  1. Suzie Muirhead Field Hockey testing of the New Zealand Field Hockey team (the Black Sticks) (from March 2007)
  2. Diana Weavers Field Hockey testing of the New Zealand Field Hockey team (from March 2007)
  3. Heather Anderson AFL from AFL Talent Search screening in Darwin
  4. Micaela Cocks Basketball The Oregon University women's basketball team record is by New Zealander
  5. Micaela Cocks scored this result in 2007
  6. Fiona Johnson Field Hockey one of the fittest players in the Australian Hockeyroos squad (reported in the Australian Online, Aug 08)
  7. Ange Foley AFL Monique Hollick AFL. The 27 year old from New South Wales set the women's AFL beep test record during the league's women's talent search in 2016. She also runs 2km in just over 6 min 20 sec.
  8. Casey Stoney Football (Soccer) England's football Women's World Cup squad testing (as reported on in June 2007)
  9. Felicity Maltby Tennis the female record holder at the Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy in California. Achieved in Spring 2011.


The scores in the tables above generally have not been verified. They have been collected mostly from online newspaper articles and lists, and they may or may not be accurate. If you have an update to the information above, or know of documented results that should be on this list, it would be great to hear of them.

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