Beep Test Formula

The beep test table page has the speeds and distances for each level. You can also use the following formula to quickly calculate these values.

The starting speed can differ depending on the version of the beep test being used - the first level is either 8.0 or 8.5km/hr, though the second and subsequent levels are the same. For these formula, we assume the second version, the starting speed is 8.5km/hr and increases by 0.5km/hr at each level.

What is the speed of each level?

Level Speed (km/hr) = ( ( Level – 1 ) × 0.5 ) + 8.5

What is the time to complete each 20m run?

You can calculate the time for each 20 metre section, at each level, using the following equation:

20m Time (seconds) = 72 ÷ ( ( ( Level – 1 ) × 0.5 ) + 8.5 )

For example, the time for 20m at level 11 is 5.33 seconds.

How many shuttles are there at each level?

Knowing that the starting speed is 8.5km/hr and increases by 0.5km/hr at each level, and the duration of each level is approximately one minute, then the number of shuttles at each level can be estimated from the following equation:

Number of Shuttles = ( ( ( Level – 1 ) × 0.5 ) + 8.5 ) × 0.838

You will need to round up the result to the nearest whole number e.g. the calculated number of shuttles at level 8 works out to be 10.06 which is rounded up to 11 shuttles, level 17 is 13.83 which is rounded up to 14 shuttles.

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