Beep Test Equipment

The set of equipment needed to run the beep test is essentially the same irrespective of what variation of the test is being conducted. The only thing that may vary is the width of the running area (a wider area is needed if a lot of people are being tested at once) and the number of cones required to mark out the area and turning lines.

List of Equipment

The Area: an area up to 30m long (100 feet), with a flat, non-slip surface. Only 20m, plus an extra couple of meters each end, is needed for the actual test. You should allow a least a meter width for each athlete that is doing the test.

Line Markers: Cones can be used to indicate the turning and starting lines. It is easier if you use existing lines marked on the running surface, otherwise you may want to draw a line or put down sticking tape.

Measuring Tape: a tape measure of at least 20 meters is needed.

Audio File: The test requires an audio recording indicating the timing for each run, which usually comes on a cd, as an mp3 file, or on a computer or mobile device app. We have some information about where to get a copy of the test audio.

Audio Player: The audio playback device will depend on the format of your test recording. Ideally you can play the sound through a sound system, or plug the computer, phone or mp3 player into speakers that are loud enough to be heard during the test.

Recording Sheets: We have created a recording sheet for the beep test, which has each shuttle of the test indicated, so it can be marked off as the athlete completes each one, and any warnings and final score for each athlete can be marked on the sheet.

Suggested Other Equipment

Clothing: comfortable loose fitting clothing, running shoes with good grip.

Drink Bottle: some athletes may wish to leave a drink bottle in the recovery area for before or after the beep test, however drinking during the test is not practical.

Optional Equipment

Heart Rate Monitors: Additional information about the fitness of your athletes can be gained by monitoring their heart rate during and after the test. As the beep test is a maximal effort test, a measure of maximum heart rate can be recorded.


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